How to optimize Instagram Name and Username

 I wanna talk about Instagram bio tips and how to create the perfect Instagram bio and I chose this topic because I did a poll last week on Instagrams stories about what is the first thing that people see when they visit a profile and I was quite surprised to know that most of the people read the Instagram bio before even scrolling to see the content of your feed and that is why Instagram bio is the first thing that said is the first impression about you so how do you want to make your first impression it should impress the visitor so that they get the fall over right? so if you want to bring in more followers and more leads into your business then keep on reading this article.

Make your Instagram Profile Discoverable

So the first tip I have for you is to make your Instagram account discoverable and buy discoverable and mean to make your account searchable so if someone is typing in some keywords if you are a food blogger. Let’s say if you are an Indian food blogger and someone is typing in Indian food bloggers on the entire Instagram search. 

Your profile should pop up out there so that they can check you out and follow you and this is the best thing you can do for our business and your Instagram account because you can bring in more followers into your business without even doing any extra work from your site to make this happen you need to optimize your Instagram username and your Instagram name so let’s just quickly talk about how to optimize your Instagram username 

Optimizing Instagram Username

Your Instagram username should include keywords related to your business so let’s say if you are a fitness coach then at least put keywords fit or Fitness into your Instagram username so that people can get an idea of what your business is about by just looking at your username and I want to also mention that your Instagram username should be shorter easier to remember and easier to type and that is why I don’t recommend anyone to include underscores in their username because to type an underscore it’s too many tabs on a mobile phone it becomes really frustrating for someone if someone wants to mention you at and you somewhere becomes really stressful to just type in your username so I don’t recommend that and alternative to that is to include periods so as you can see my Instagram username includes which blogger.barfii so I’m not including underscores but I have including periods instead of underscores.

Optimizing Instagram Name

Now let’s optimize our Instagram name and I see a lot of people on Instagram doing this mistake and that is the last opportunity because many people are only including their name in the name section and that is a huge lost opportunity because if you are a business blogger and let’s say someone is typing in business blogger in their search bar they are looking for you and if you don’t come up with that that is a huge lost opportunity because they are already looking for you and they want to follow a business blogger so I would recommend to you to also include the keywords related to your business in your Instagram name along with your name as you can see my Instagram name is blogger.barfii here so that if someone searches for blogger tips guess who’s gonna come up.


So these are the different ways to optimize your presence on Instagram. There are many more hacks to optimize your presence on Instagram. I’ll be sharing them too in the upcoming post. Thank you for reading this post. If you the liked post please let me know in the comment section below.

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