How to Find High Paying Adsense Keywords Easily

As I came across more than one thread in forums, asking about ‘how to find high paying Adsense keywords’, I decided to create an informative post on the subject.
Before starting my post, let me tell you that you can find lots of high paying keyword lists around the internet if you search a bit. Lists of keywords with a CPC more than $50. Note that, targeting those keywords might not be a good plan to follow.

First of all, you should know that going after high paying keywords is not the best strategy most of the time, especially if you are a beginner to making money with Adsense. Those niches with high paying keywords are constantly being targeted by a great number of internet marketers, rendering the competition much tougher. Monetizing such a niche would require great effort on your side if you are not comfortable with what you are doing.

Find Your Own Keywords 

Even sometimes, you may not see any return for some of the niches.

My suggestion, in this case, is to find your own high paying keywords for your Adsense sites. Using Google’s keyword tool, you can find high paying Adsense keywords easily. Below I will explain how I do this.

Think about a niche that you want to target or just use some seed keywords like “software”. Make a search within the keyword tool using the term “software”. And sort the results according to the “Estimated Avg. CPC” values. Check the most paying 10 or so keywords and see which ones have higher search volumes.

High Search Volume = High Traffic = High Conflict

Choose the one with a high number of searches and that you want to target. In this case, I chose “marketing software”. Run another search using the term “marketing software”. Again, sort the result by Avg. CPC.

Did you notice the dramatic increase in Avg? CPCs? Also, a decrease in the search volumes is observed. This is because as you go deeper, the more the search term is related to the product that is being advertised and the higher chance of monetizing the keyword for the advertiser. Same for you, as an Adsense publisher.

Choice keyword and make quality content

You can now choose a keyword with high CPC value or continue digging to find better keywords. Don’t forget to check the competition before targeting any niches. Checking competition is a must after deciding about the niche. I am not going to explain how to check the competition here, maybe on another post.

You can apply this same concept to other niches as well.

Now you know how to find high paying Adsense keywords easily, you can start putting up some Adsense niche sites. Good luck with that.

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