How to add SWIPE UP Link to Instagram Story WITHOUT 10k Followers

I want to talk about how to get that swipe up link in your Instagram story without having 10k power and I know how difficult it is to share link on Instagram if you have less than 10,000 followed right so I’m gonna be sharing five different hats to share links on Instagram stories so easily I mean you would kill yourself for not knowing about these before. If you’re interested then keep reading this post. 

Share Links Using IGTV:

You might not have this type of feature in your Instagram stories yet but you do have access to IGTV and that already gives you access to the swipe of feature in your Instagram Stories. So let’s use that in the first half we are going to be using IGTV video so here’s what you need to do. let’s say, you want to share a link to your blog post so go to your Instagram and create a story that says happen the video title to read the blog post add an animated arrow that points to the top left corner which is where the video title is going to be and the video title is actually the video title of the IGTV video where we are going to upload this story.

Make a video:

Now tap on the Save button on the Instagram story and it will be saved in a video format because it has an animated arrow in it now go to any editing software and expand the video to a one minute video because IGTV read-only allows videos within the range of 1 minute to 10 minutes for the content creator. I used to Quik app to do this and it’s available on iOS and Android both platforms and it’s free but the best part is that it doesn’t add its watermark in your exported videos now go to the HDTV app and if you don’t have it download it from your Play Store if you don’t have a channel on a GTV then create a channel now once your channel is created click on the plus sign to upload a video we just created now here’s the important part your description of the video should include the actual link that you want to share.

Share IGTV in the Instagram story:

So if you want to share the link to your blog post your YouTube video or to a sales page or to a landing page add that link in your description of the IGTV video now before you upload make sure you turn off the post preview on production because otherwise it would post it on your feed and you don’t want that now once your video is uploaded your job is almost done go to your Instagram stories and you say that link symbol coming up over there click on that then on the IG TV video and then on the video we just uploaded and then share it on Instagram story. Hurrah! There’s is your swipe up feature now check your story and swipe up you can see that it takes you to the IG TV video you just created but see it points you to click on the video title and when you click on the video title it tells you to click on the link that you want to share with your Instagram followers.

Alternative ways:

Now, this was just one alternative to the real swipe up feature but you might be thinking okay Asomi this worths but my followers would rather choose not to go through that link because there are a lot of steps to go to that one link and I understand that. I mean no would like to go through so many just to go through one link. And that is why this brings us to our next hack now this is not a swipe of me but this is the easiest way to share links.

Use Instagram Polls to get the targeted audience:

Through your Instagram stories to those who are actually interested and we are going to be using polls for this so share whatever you want to share teaser or trailer of your blog post or whatever you want to share online student stories and then ask in your post are you interested in reading the blog post? or are you interested in buying our product? and ask them yes or no and to anyone who says yes you can actually see who says yes and who says no and you can share the link to those people.


So these are the different ways to share links using your Instagram Handle. There are many more hacks to share link on Instagram. I’ll be sharing them too in the upcoming post. Thank you for reading this post. If you the post please let me know in the comment section.

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