Different ways to share link on Instagram without swipe up future

So you are here to know what are the different ways to share links other than swipe up? 
I know many of you don’t have 10k followers and that’s why Instagram is not allowing you to share the link over swipe up but you don’t know what are the different way to share the link using Instagram. Cool! I’ll tell you about this topic in this post.

By sending DMs:

Now, there is way of using these posts without telling them that you are actually going to send them through a link so maybe if you want to share a keto recipe even tell them something like would you like it if there was a five-minute easy to make keto recipe?yes or no and to whoever who says yes you can actually chat with them and then, in the end, you can tell them to go to the link and even send the link in the audience and DMs actually have clickable links on Instagram.

How to know who voted what?

So that’s a wingman now if you don’t know who click on yes and who clicks on no then go to Instagram stories watch the story that has the question that has a poll yes and no type of pole and swipe up to see who blinks on yes and who clicks are no click on sea borders and then you’ll be able to see all the people who clicked on yes and who played on no and with every person, there is an airplane kind of symbol and you can click on that and send them the message right there.

Use the Instagram Chat Feature:

I know what you’re thinking at this point of the post sending the same message to each and everyone is repetitive and tiresome is there a way I can bundle up everyone and send the same message just once and everyone gets it. And this brings us to our next hack of this post now with this hack what you’re going to do is you are going to do everything that you would do with the poll but use the chat feature instead of the voting feature other on Instagram stories and what this feature does is whatever you share in your chat everyone who joins the chat will be able to see the link and go to the link and watch it.

Expand it using multiple stories:

I want is a note that Instagram only allows 31 people to join a chat so get away with this limit what you have to do is share the same chat in different stories and this creates different chats so what this will do is this will distribute people in different chats and you’d not be limited with 31 people.

Now, whenever you create a chat make sure you go to the Instagram DM and turn off approval required to join for each and every child so that you won’t have to go in and approve each and every person who requests to join the chat they were being added to the chart instantly once they hit that joint chat button. 

Ask followers to react to get the link:

Now let’s get to the fourth half of this post and it’s really simple you are simply going to tell your powers to send your DM if they want to link now this is something difficult because not a lot of people would go and ask you for the link and that is why here’s our hack for you. You can give them an easy way to ask for the link so maybe you can tell them to send your heart emoji if they want the link and that would be the easiest thing because they won’t have to write something and they will just have to send an emoji and that does the job. 

A smart way to get into Bio’s Link

Now a lot of people who have less than 10,000 followers actually make a huge mistake on Instagram stories they actually tell them to go to the link in my bio but they don’t give them a direct link to go to the link in bio and you can actually do that if you didn’t know. I mean you can give them a link to go to the profile and then it becomes really easy to click on that link it’s like just two steps an away not a lot of people know about what is the link in bio. 

Take a screenshot of your Instagram profile then share it in your Instagram story and highlight that and tell them here’s what they are supposed to click on and then mention yourself over there and tell them to click on this and then click on the screenshot link and that will them once you mention over there that becomes the clickable link which takes them to your Instagram profile and once they are there they can remember that you had told them to click on this link and from there they can visit the link.


Now at this point of the post I normally tell you what I’m going to share in my next post but today one ask you what would you like see next I mean what topic should I talk about in my next post tell me in the comments below and please don’t be shy now I hope I’ve shed enough hacks to share links on your Instagram stories and whenever you use a hack I mean if you would like to you can tag me with that and I wouldn’t check out your link this was actually my third video on this blog if you liked it let me know in comment section below.

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